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Your “Go To” man for your RV Needs

parkmodelChuck has been satisfying RV customers since 2000, helping RV owners acquire, sell, move,  repair, tear down, put up, and relocate RVs.   Chuck’s RVs is located in the San Ja1977 38 ft santa fe double tip outs park model May 2009_croppedcinto Valley in Southern California and has developed customers throughout the western states.  If you know anything about RV owners, you know they have one thing in common:  they move around.  When they move, they may want help selling their existing RV or in locating a new one--and that’s when they call Chuck.

Although Chuck deals primarily in used, late model RVs for his clients and customers, his own special interest lies in vintage RVs.  An ardent 1977 Airstream 28 ft 125x56vintage RV fan, Chuck is a storehouse of knowledge on the history of RVs--their makes, models, evolution, popularity, prices, and availability.  Never without at least one vintage RV of his own, Chuck spends his spare time refurbishing vintage travel trailers and talking shop with other vintage travel trailer owners.

Want to learn about the different types of RVs?  Take a look through the site, and if you have a special need, give Chuck a call or send along an email.  He’ll be happy to get right back to you.

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